How much do your appraisals cost and how long does it take?
Answer:The first appraisal is $100, if you have additional pieces they are $75 each, and an updated appraisal from Shellè Jewelers is also $75. I will sit down with you and your pieces, take the necessary pictures needed and descriptions to write up the appraisal, that way you can take your piece(s) home with you that day. We then will send you your appraisal by mail, email, or fax whichever way you prefer within 12 business days.
How much is a watch battery?
Answer:Our typical batteries are $12 plus tax, but there are some batteries that are $30 plus tax. Also, some watches, for example like a Tag Heuer, should have a water test done after the battery is installed, to ensure water resistance and that is an extra $30.